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Jennifer Dolan: A Mother's Influence

Friday, December 12, 2014

Jennifer Dolan with her daughter Amanda
Earlier this week I went to Greenwich, Connecticut to photograph a fabulous new woman for the blog. I met Jennifer Dolan's daughter, Amanda, at the post office last month after she stopped to tell me how much she enjoyed the Advanced Style Documentary. She said that I must meet her mother and quickly followed up with an email full of wonderful photos. I loved Jennifer's mix of east coast prep with futuristic style elements inspired by her love of Star Trek. Amanda, Jennifer, and I had a lovely afternoon filled lively conversation and memories of our beloved grandmothers. Check out how Jennifer and her mother LaLa inspired Amanda's creative journey below:  

“I was Never Afraid to Make a Statement”
-Jennifer Dolan, 68, Greenwich, Connecticut

My Mother was born with Courage. It must have started In Utero. Her Mother, Lilyan (called ‘LaLa’ by Us Grandkids) was the Original Style Statement Maker. With flaming red hair and an ever present matching Strawberry Lip- she never left the house without looking iconic. Leopard Print, Rhinestones, and False Eyelashes were her Basics. She lit the Style-Courage Revolution Torch..which then was passed on to my Mother..

Mom carries that torch to this day.. She fanned its flames in the 1960’s- becoming a trailblazer as the first Woman Student at The University of Miami’s Accounting Program.  

Having the Moxie to be both Beautiful, Stylish AND Smart..she went on to become one of the Vice Presidents of the New York Times Company for the next thirty years.

Her boldness continued to burn bright throughout two bouts with Breast and Ovarian Cancer.  With a bold red lip and an array of colorful turbans Mom fought her illness with ultimate grace, pluckiness and an unwavering will to move forward..

Retired and in good health now.. she still makes a stylish declaration every single day. A Mix of the Classics with a Futuristic Modern Twist- A Mom of all Ages. 

And so now this torch is being passed to me..Will I be afraid to make my own statement? The answer is no. I started my Vintage Clothing business already backed by The Greats..a bloodline of Fearless Supernovas. Generations of women before me who lit the Spark.  

Mom taught me that if you have Courage in Your Personal life, then You Undoubtedly have Courage in Your Personal Style. The two go Hand and Hand.. So shine Bright.

By: Amanda Dolan, 32, New York, New York
Founder of SparkPretty.com