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Outside Off Broadway Boutique

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Some of my best shots have come from waiting outside the Off Broadway Boutique on the Upper West Side. Doesn't this woman look striking in her leather pants and gorgeous scarf and jacket?!!!

A Visit to l.a. Eyeworks

Monday, April 29, 2013

Ever since I purchased my first pair of prescription glasses my mom has been  telling me, "You change your shoes and shirts everyday, so why not change your glasses." Having several pairs of glasses is definitely a luxury, but it's also an investment that you won't regret. While in Los Angeles this past weekend, I had the opportunity to photograph co-founder of l.a. Eyeworks, Gai Gherardi. I have been a long time fan of her fun and colorful frames and was delighted to meet her and her equally awesome partner Rhonda. Thank you to the l.a. Eyeworks team for my new gold Flying Wallendas. (They are definitely mom approved!)
New Frames from l.a. Eyeworks

Later Skaters

Sunday, April 28, 2013

 photo SOUTHBEACHSWIMFASHIONFADE_zps640b7145.jpg  photo SOUTHBEACHFASHIONFADE2_zps3205e57a.jpg  photo SOUTHBEACHFASHIONFADE3_zpsc46a4ee1.jpg (Crochet dress and bikini c/o South Beach swimwear)

So, I'm off to Asia again which means I have to do something that I absolutely despice beyond belief..... pack a suitcase. It turns out that I'm quite possibly, the world's worst suitcase packer (if that's even a thing)  I seem to lose any form of practical thinking and planning and throw random items of clothing into my case and regularly forget travel essentials such as plug adapters and toothbrushes. So I was pretty happy when I received a parcel from the guys at South Beach containing their amazing Sophie bikini  and Ellie crochet dress... Two pieces that went straight into my suitcase without hesitation. If you're going away anywhere on holiday (or with work like me) and share my aversion to packing check out the amazing South beach range HERE. And as a girl who's  completely different sizes in tops and bottoms, the site offers seperates at reasonable prices which cuts out the stress of bikini shopping that most of us girls have to face on the regs.

Lots of love guys and I'll see you when I return.



Advanced Style Featured in The BBC News Magazine

Friday, April 26, 2013

Ilona just called called to tell me that a friend of hers saw her picture featured on the BBC homepage this morning! To read the entire article CLICK HERE.

Off Madison

Thursday, April 25, 2013

This gorgeous woman was walking near Madison Avenue when I asked if I could take her photograph. I love her classic look.

Beautiful Berlin

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

 photo IMG_5181_zps5222fa08.jpg  photo IMG_5155_zpsa265f49c.jpg  photo IMG_5139_zps40c2d73f.jpg  photo IMG_5223_zps2931c5e2.jpg  photo IMG_5222_zps637daa4b.jpg  photo IMG_5141_zps7f7f1171.jpg  photo IMG_5216_zps191deb7f.jpg  photo IMG_5206_zps884d844d.jpg  photo IMG_5240_zps5cf1c358.jpg  photo IMG_5235_zpsdd209f22.jpg  photo IMG_5208_zps354a36bb.jpg  photo IMG_5221_zps690f5eee.jpg  photo Photo22_22_zpsfa4a8dae.jpg  photo IMG_5230_zpsd7b5076c.jpg  photo IMG_5217_zps4b150be3.jpg  photo pennyfashionfadeberlin_zpsfeb7ffed.jpg  photo IMG_5241_zpsbdfc684c.jpg  photo Photo03_3_zps21b3e43f.jpg  photo Photo23_23_zps8d5d604f.jpg  photo Photo16_16_zps131bbad4.jpg  photo Photo09_9_zpsf052e2d0.jpg  photo IMG_5182_zps4c83fe82.jpg (Two beautiful days in Berlin captured on Iphone and disposable camera)

Well, as you may have guessed I went to Berlin last week. It's a city that's fast becoming one of my favourites and there was so much to photograph that I've been left with a pretty photo heavy blog post for you all.... I hope you all enjoy it and I promise to have more of an outfit post coming your way ASAP. We strolled round Berlin taking in the culture, history and street art that Berlin is so famous for.... as well as sampling various forms of sausage and beer (well good)

In other news, I'm also off to China and Hong Kong on Monday. It feels like my life is a bit of a whirlwind at the moment and I don't actually get to spend too much time in my apartment blogging for you guys... but it'll settle down soon.... my problem is that I love to travel, but I'm a complete home bird at heart.

In the meantime, here's an hour of Daft Punk. You're welcome...

Lots of love as always



Work Clothes

When I approached the woman above about taking her photograph she replied, " Sure you can. I'm a painter, a muralist, and I work in these overalls."

Carla Palermo, Amsterdam

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

This past weekend, Lina and I traveled to Amsterdam to speak about the Advanced Style documentary. While walking around the 9-Straatjes, I came across a great vintage store. As soon as I walked in, I noticed the shops owner and asked if I could take her photo. If you are in Amsterdam  check out her wonderful boutique, Carla Palermo on Huidenstraat 4.

A Happy Coincidence

I can't wait to share some of my new street style snaps with everyone. Isn't Richelle Jones, pictured above, absolutely stunning? When I stopped her to ask if I could take her photograph, she took one look at my card and replied, " Of course, I know who you are." It turns out that a few months ago, we were both visiting Off Broadway Boutique on the same day. Pat, who runs the sales floor, pointed me out to Richelle and told her  that she should be a perfect candidate for my blog. I happened to be on an important phone call at the time and rushed out of the store before getting to meet her. It was a happy coincidence to run into her yesterday, walking down Madison Avenue.

Jenny Hirschowitz in Grey Magazine

Monday, April 22, 2013

My dear friend Valentina gave me the opportunity to contribute to the latest issue of her gorgeous fashion book, Grey Magazine. Check out a preview from our shoot above and to see the full story
Click HERE and HERE.

Shine Bright

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I was looking through my photos from the last Easter Parade and realized that I forgot to post a shot of this elegant woman. Her smile was as bright as her sparkling jewelry. I can't wait to see what she has in store for next year...

Costanza Pascolato

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The other day I ran into Vogue Brazil's enchanting contributor, Constanza Pascolato, in front of the Plaza Hotel.  I have always admired her style and was thrilled to hear that she has been following Advanced Style from the very  beginning. She told me that it's so important to show images of older women and revealed that she would never want to try and look younger than she is. At 73-years old Constanza is a true Advanced Style icon. I hope to travel to Brazil sometime soon and hear more about her refreshing attitude towards aging and style.

Carmen De Lavallade at Home

Monday, April 15, 2013

Carmen De Lavallade, 82, is one of the most gorgeous, gracious, and talented women I have had the privilege of photographing.


Saturday, April 13, 2013

 photo akirafashionfade1_zps44122e2a.jpg  photo akirafashionfade2_zps3e2eef35.jpg  photo akirafashionfade12_zps0e25a584.jpg  photo akirafashionfade8_zpsed6ecb5d.jpg  photo akirafashionfade3_zps72546e76.jpg  photo akirafashionfade_zps871b1eb2.jpg  photo akirafashionfade11_zps19feedc7.jpg  photo akirafashionfade6_zps1933f7d1.jpg (Witching hour dress c/o ShopAkira Chicago, rings assorted)

Well, after a few weeks where I fell well and truly off the blogging wagon, I'm now back on said wagon and have firm control of the reins. I decided to celebrate my comeback by sharing this amazing dress that the guys over at ShopAKIRA sent me... it's literally the most perfect floaty dress. Ticking all the boxes of black, floaty and a bit sexy (all my favourite things) which has earnt it it's place as my new "go-to" choice for those days/evenings where I feel like I have absolutely nothing to wear. I'm pretty happy that this little number traveled all the way from Chicago as it'll be living in my wardrobe for many years to come.

Check out ShopAKIRA HERE.

Lots of Love,