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Stud Muffin

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

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(Jacket c/0 Milly Paul, Tee Topshop, jeans Topshop (Pippa) boots Dr martens, watch Michael Kors, phone case Ebay, dog not for sale)

A few weeks ago I got an email from the lovely Milly Paul asking if she could make me one of her customised camo jackets...... obviously I said yes, (just call me G.I Jane) I really wanted a camo jacket to add to my (extensive) collection that was a little different, possibly with darker/ contrast sleeves and so when this dip dyed sleeve beaut arrived at my door step, I was pretty impressed! Milly customises jackets and sells them on Ebay HERE so you should defo go check them out, they're all one of a kind and hand made..... good times all round. I think a good camo jacket is defo worth investing in,  mine have been a god send and I've been wearing them to death for a few years now after seeing a lot of them in Tokyo and Copenhagen and they surprisingly go with everything. Plus they totally add to the angry feminist look I'm currently sporting on the regs.

In other news though, as those of you who follow me on instagram may know, Ive dyed my hair super white blonde which I LOVE. These photos were taken just before it was dyed, so you'll be able to see my witchy white locks in my next post. I also scored this totally aggressive phone case from eBay which I think may possibly be the best find evs and obviously totally goes with my tropical nail art, anyways Im rambling so happy hump day and Lots of love chicas. Penny xo


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