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ASTRAEA giveaway winner

Saturday, February 25, 2012

ASTRAEA giveaway from penelope armstrong on Vimeo.

(crappy video on my macbook, sorry guys!)
Congrats to Eve for winning the ASTRAEA giveaway! I will be in touch today and your ring will be sent in the post to you. Hope you all like the video.... I kind of freaked out and started rambling and felt very nervous as well as realising that my voice is way more nasal than it sounds in my head- annoying. I'm flying to Morocco on Monday so if anyone has any cool places to go, or advice then please please please let me know :) I'm so excited I could squeal! Lots of Love and hope you all have a lovely weekend. xo ..... ALSO, I dipped dyed my ends lilac. you cant really tell on the crappy video so I'll repost a good photo.